Virtual Course + Battle Rope Starter Kit


Beginner Virtual Training + Battle Rope

This is designed for those getting started in battle rope training who want to move safely, effectively and get the absolute most out of your workouts. Without knowing how to move, you will never realize the full benefit of the battle rope. This includes a 1.5 inch diameter, 50 foot, braided battler rope + access to our Battle Rope Fundamentals Virtual Workshop (normally $399.99). When you purchase, we will ship your battle rope and automatically give you access to our Battle Rope Fundamentals Virtual Workshop. This is recorded content of the same training we teach to trainers at large gym chains across the country. 

Battle Rope Fundamentals Course

This course is designed to achieve safe and effective performance of basic battle rope movements and a handful of meaningful variations that will elevate your skills. Complete the assessments at the end and earn a certificate of completion. After this course you should be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Battle Ropes Introduction and History
  • Battle Ropes Basics, Benefits, and Biggest Mistakes
  • Mechanical and Wave Physics
  • Static Engagement with Battle Ropes
  • Power Metabolic Pathway Training with Battle Ropes
  • Strength Metabolic Pathway Training with Battle Ropes
  • Endurance Metabolic Pathway Training with Battle Ropes
  • Coaching Cues and Best Practices

What Have Participants Said?

“I will regularly incorporate many of the compound fat-burning exercises in the bootcamp program that I run. I will also regularly check-in with the massive variety of exercises in this online resource to develop my own training. As I have difficulty with degeneration in the cervical spine, the low impact of the battle ropes is a fantastic option for me to increase endurance without putting a lot of extra pressure on my spine. This will be something that I can share with clients who also have mobility restrictions or suffer from injury. The battle ropes are my absolute favourite tool for improving my mindset, and fueling my mental strength. I plan on using many of these exercises to take my own training to the next level physically, while also continuing to pass on my passion for improving mental health with this tool that I find so empowering. The number of exercises in this course will make it much easier to keep challenging myself and developing myself both physically and mentally. This, in turn, I will pass along to my personal training clients.”


Demonstrations from Course:

Mechanical Physics


Lateral Shuffle Hook