Thirty Day Beginner Program



Kettlebells For Beginners

This program comes with free mobile app access so you can access on any mobile device, your TV or just pop in your headphones and listen to instructions! The objective of this 30-day beginner kettlebell program is to pattern good technique, and to teach you how to safely and effectively increase your strength, stability, and coordination using kettlebells. When you purchase this workout plan, you will receive an email a link to your 30 day plan. There are four workouts per week and each includes recovery, warm up, workout and more. One time purchase of $49.99! If you are looking for daily plans plus access to hundreds of movement demonstrations with audio and visual cues view our monthly plans which condense way more content into a monthly membership:

Each daily workout includes:

  • One full length, follow along workout
  • Full length demonstration of 10 drills for Active Release, Soreness and Mobility
  • Thorough demonstrations of each movement with expert coaching
  • Warm up and cool down for maximal performance

The idea is for you to feel fitter going about your daily life; to improve the health of your muscles, tissues, bones, and joints; to be more confident about trying new physical activities. The program will focus on fundamental kettlebell lifts, all of which require a single kettlebell.  

View Day 1 Follow Along Workout:

Think of each training as an opportunity to practice your kettlebell technique. Stable, quality movements are going to help you more in the long run than rushing through the movements. You will benefit more from learning form correctly now than going back later and correcting mistakes. Remember that 4 weeks is not enough time to see a huge increase in strength or hypertrophy (you need at least 8 weeks), so the gains you make in this program will be mostly related to increased coordination and technique. Think of this program as laying a solid foundation for the strength gains to come!

When choosing what kettlebell weight to start with, err on the side of going too light, at least for the first week (6-12kg or 13-26lbs for most movements). Learning proper form and how to move the kettlebell efficiently is much more important than how heavy the weight is, especially when you are first starting out. Once you are able to use efficient technique without thinking about it, you can start increasing your kettlebell weight. If you can easily do 10-12 repetitions with a particular weight, you are probably ready to move up.

Kettlebell Workout Protocol:

Each week of the program will consist of 4 training days with warm ups, workouts and cool downs. Each day includes a video demonstration of each warm up, workout and cool down.

How often? Definitely not 4 days in a row. You can follow through the course of a 7 day week according to your schedule, but we suggest no more than 3 days in a row before a rest day or 2 and then completing the next workout. 

Days 1-3 will focus on technique and strength for particular lifts, and the volume you do will increase each week. Day 4 will be a conditioning day that will challenge your strength endurance and cardiovascular fitness. For each of the individual movements in the workout there is a specific demonstration video to teach you proper form when incorporating it into your full workout.

  • Day 1: Deadlift, Turkish Get Up, Press
  • Day 2: Squat, Row, Carries
  • Day 3: Swing/Clean/Snatch, Core
  • Day 4: Conditioning