The Path to Kettlebell Strength & Flow - Level 1 - Intro to Kettlebell Basics



The Path to Kettlebell Strength & Flow - Free Level 1 - Intro to Kettlebell Basics - This is for complete beginners!

This is a free download!

Level 1 is designed for complete beginners to kettlebells. If you are more experienced you can sign up here to sample some of Level 2 or dive right into kettlebell movement demos and workouts in Levels 2 and 3 here: or get one of our 4 or 6 week plans:

The goal is to start the path toward building strength and the ability to flow with kettlebells. Just add this to your cart and complete a checkout, you will receive an email with how to access Level 1. The path to building strength and the ability to flow with kettlebells starts with learning the absolute basics with answers to questions like, 'How much weight should I use?', 'How do I build muscle with kettlebells?', 'How much kettlebell is to much?'.

The Goal - Move Like This, but First Create Fundamentals:

The goal of this program is to put you on the path to building strength and flow techniques with kettlebells, but first to do that, you must start with foundational kettlebell knowledge and movements. This program is for beginners who need a solid foundation in fundamentals of kettlebell movement before moving on to flow as well as experienced lifters who want to learn to teach kettlebell flow or move in new planes of motion in order to build new kettlebell strength. The program starts with the absolute fundamentals of front and back kettlebell motions and then introduces rotational and flow components to move more freely with kettlebells.

What is Covered?

  • Don't Make These 5 Mistakes With the Kettlebell (Most Make Them)
  • 15 Benefits of Kettlebell Movement
  • Answers to the Most Commons Kettlebell FAQ's
  • Kettlebell E-Book
  • 5 Battle Ropes & Kettlebell Combined Workouts
  • Athletic Recovery
  • Workout Starter Forum Access
  • Hydration
  • 2 Follow Along Workouts

All of the information we share with you is designed to be consumed methodically and carefully. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is jumping straight into kettlebell training. Take your time going through Level 1 to learn important information about kettlebell basics before thinking about moving on to Level 2 and beyond. As you proceed we will have different paths you can pursue based on the goals you wish to pursue.  We do not recommend skimming through this because you might miss something valuable to begin your kettlebell knowledge. If you are experienced in training, this might be knowledge you can share with others. 

The Path to Strength & Flow Stars with the Basics, below is a sample flow you will be working towards:

Try consuming one new section every 1-2 days, you can even go through each section more than once to make sure you fully take in the information. When you come to the end of a section Level 1, pause for day or so to reflect on the information before moving on, we will send an email to remind you. 

You will undoubtedly think of more questions as you move through these. The last stage of Level 1 gives answers to some of the questions that will pop into your head about kettlebell training. Do not rush ahead!