Kettlebell Workout Fuel Combo


Fuel Better Workouts & Recovery

How you fuel and take care of your body is just as important if not more than the workout itself. One of the keys to living fit and reach your fitness goals is what you do to your body when you are not working out. We have hundreds of video discussions about topics designed to fuel better workouts and lifestyle. One time purchase of $1.99. Also included is a downloadable file with meal plans and recipes! This contains hundreds of videos about:


  • quality (avoid tap & bottled water, opt for filtered, spring)
  • quantity (1/2 body weight in ounces, examples)
  • trace minerals/electrolytes (sea salt, trace mineral drops, electrolyte tablets)
  • rehydrate stiff tissue, then move! (body is >70% water, fascia, vertebral discs)
  • timing (AM, 20 minutes before meals, sip throughout the day, not too close to bed time)
  • + MORE!

Nutrition For Health 

  • survival/why we crave sugar/fat/salt- (brain hardwired to seek out calories, nutrition, and minerals)  
  • what to avoid for health and why- (what you remove arguably more important than what you add)
  • Pro-inflammatory foods (processed foods, toxic fats, GMOs, grains, soy, A1dairy, sugar, alcohol)
  • Processed foods, packaged foods, fast food (cheap ingredients, long shelf-life, trans fats and other harmful vegetable oils, fortified with synthetic vitamins that are not bioavailable)
  • Vegetable oils (canola, soybean, corn, safflower, sunflower, peanut-high in PUFAs and omega-6)
  • Dairy, inflammation, and weight gain (lactose, casein, A1 vs. A2 milk, NCGS, many people who claim to be “lactose intolerant” are actually suffering from A1 casein intolerance)
  • + MORE! 

How Do We Determine How To Fuel Our Body?

Gut Health & The Immune System

  • 80% resides in gut, majority of neurotransmitters like serotonin responsible for modulating mood manufactured in the gut, mucosal barrier
  • sugar, alcohol, medical drugs, stress, foods to avoid list
  • the microbiome and cravings
  • dysbiosis and symptoms
  • autoimmune issues and food intolerance
  • + MORE!

Digestion & Elimination

  • sympathetic vs. parasympathetic nervous system
  • digestion begins in your head
  • whole foods vs. synthetic vitamins and supplements (unregulated)
  • proper nutrient breakdown and absorption
  • + MORE!


  • circadian rhythm and seasons- 24-hour cycle, body clock, rising and setting of sun, “endless summer” due to advent of electricity
  • how much sleep do we need? 
  • sleep and weight loss- (the less you sleep, the more you are likely to eat, harder to regulate blood sugar, can lead to fat storage)
  • + MORE! 

General Wellness

  • proper breathing & the nervous system- (SNS, PNS, diaphragm as core muscle)
  • warm up & cool down before and after exercise- (core temp warm up, osteoarticular warm up (all planes of motion), lower heart slowly
  • prioritize mobility & stability before strength & power
  • + MORE!


  • focus on what you want to create- (70K thoughts per day, most of which are negatively oriented)
  • using social media as a motivational tool- (great tool, can be used for personal growth and inspiration, or distraction and negativity) 
  • surround yourself with support- (family, friends, teachers, mentors)
  • have a mentor/coach- (find someone you can learn from and study them)
  • identify limiting beliefs and reframe them- (self-awareness, language)
  • visualization/meditation/grounding- (extremely effective- athletes, ignore the noise and regain focus)
  • + MORE!

Athletic Recovery/Stress Management

  • prioritize sleep-(importance of sleep, follow sleep schedule, wind down)
  • proper periodization-(off-season, post-season, pre-season, deload, etc.)
  • stretching/mobility work (prime body for performance without injury)
  • +MORE!

Sample Meal Plan:

Breakfast: Bacon, Eggs, & Sweet Potato Home Fries

Cube the sweet potato into 1⁄2-inch or smaller pieces and sauté over medium heat until tender (about 10-15 minutes, see Sautéing Vegetables for more detail). Optional: add chopped fresh parsley to the pan and let it wilt a bit before serving. While the potatoes are cooking, prepare bacon in a separate pan, reserve fat to cook eggs your favorite way. Try to keep yolks in tact (runny) to prevent oxidization of healthy fats.

• 2 pasture eggs
• 2-3 slices of sugar-free, uncured bacon • 1 medium sweet potato
• parsley (optional)

Lunch: Beef Stew and Roasted Squash Leftovers
Dinner: Bone-In Pork Rib Chop with Sautéed Brussels Sprouts and Cauliflower
Follow "How to Cook a Steak" with the pork chop variation, as well as "Sprouts and Cauliflower"

• 4-6 oz, bone-in pork chop
• 1 cup, brussels sprouts - raw
• 1 cup, cauliflower florets - raw
• 4 strips, bacon, sugar-free, uncured • 1 tsp capers, with liquid

Sample Recipe: