Kettlebell Cardio Plan



Build Cardio With Kettlebells

This program comes with free mobile app access so you can access on any mobile device, your TV or just pop in your headphones and listen to instructions! The Kettlebell Kardio program uses circuit training, endurance sets, and timed intervals to build your cardiovascular endurance with kettlebells. Instead of pounding the pavement or slogging hours on a stationary bike, pick up a kettlebell and build your strength and endurance simultaneously! Kettlebells are designed for high-repetition exercises at submaximal load that build your aerobic base. Of course you must have the strength to be able to move the weight for many repetitions, which is why you start light and do many repetitions before increasing in weight. One time purchase of $49.99! If you are looking for daily plans plus access to hundreds of movement demonstrations with audio and visual cues view our monthly plans which condense way more content into a monthly membership:

Each Day Includes:

  • full length warm up, cool down demonstrations
  • full length, follow along workout
  • full length demonstrations of each day's movement protocol

Think of each training in this program as an opportunity to practice your kettlebell technique. Stable, quality repetitions are going to help you more in the long run than rushing through the movement. You will benefit from learning form correctly now so that you do not have to go back later and correct bad habits. 

Demo Workout

Which Bells & Weights to Train With:

Competition kettlebells are the ideal tool to use for this training program since we are focusing on high repetitions and using the kettlebells for a variety of movements that require stability. Every competition bell has the same dimensions regardless of weight, which means you don’t have to adjust your technique or hand insertion when you jump up to a heavier bell. While competition bells are preferred for the program, they are not required. There is no reason you can’t complete the program using cast-iron kettlebells. 

When choosing what kettlebell weight to start with, err on the side of going too light (6-12 kg or 13-26 lbs for most movements). Learning proper form and how to move the kettlebell efficiently is much more important than how heavy the weight is, especially when you are first starting out. We recommend staying with the same weight for your first round through the program, since you will be doing a much higher number of repetitions than you are used to doing in a strength training program. Increasing kettlebell weight should only happen when you are completely proficient with the movements and you have the endurance to move very quickly with light weight.

Program Length:

The program is 4 weeks long, but can easily be recycled and used continuously. The program can be used as a standalone training program or as a complement to 2-3 days per week of strength training. Day 1 of the program will be Circuit training where each exercise will be completed for 30s with minimal rest between exercises. Day 2 of the program will be Endurance sets where you will go for time or repetitions, with full or close to full recovery in between. Day 3 of the program will feature timed intervals of 15s-2m with varied amounts of rest.

Prior to starting your workout each day, you might opt to foam roll or do an active release if you are experiencing any soreness or tightness. To warm up, do 5-10 minutes of cardio or dynamic movements (skipping, jump rope, rowing, jogging in place, active stretching) to get your heart rate up and start sweating. Once your body is warm, complete a few mobility drills. Then go through a couple kettlebell movements with a light weight to prime your neuromuscular system.